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Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Gumball Assortment - 1 lb Cotton Flavor Candy 1 Inch Gumballs 16 oz.

Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Gumball Assortment - 1 lb Cotton Flavor Candy 1 Inch Gumballs 16 oz.

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Brand: Assortit

Color: Blue,Clear


  • BURSTING WITH FLAVOR: Enjoy delicious cotton candy flavor of classic Cotton Candy gumballs in Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Lemon flavors!
  • GUMBALL SNACK PACK: Our snack size gumball assortments are unwrapped and perfectly sized for an easy and convenient treat wherever you go!
  • RESALABLE STAND-UP BAG: Our sweet assortments are well packaged in premium quality, resealable stand up bags with a clear window, perfect to keep in your pantry for convenient snacking!
  • PEANUT AND GLUTEN FREE: Enjoy worry free snacking for you and your kids. Every piece of candy is peanut free, gluten free, and is made in a tree nut free facility!
  • BULK VALUE: Our candy assortments are packaged in bulk so we can share great value with our customers!

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UPC: 808887314414

EAN: 0808887314414

Item Condition: New

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