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Dubble Bubble Grape Flavor Bubblegum Purple Colored Fruit Gumballs 3 Lbs Bulk American Candy (48 Oz)

Dubble Bubble Grape Flavor Bubblegum Purple Colored Fruit Gumballs 3 Lbs Bulk American Candy (48 Oz)

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Brand: Assortit

Color: Purple


  • BURSTING WITH FLAVOR: Enjoy the fresh grape flavor you love with this single Great Grape flavor 1 inch Gumball assortment!
  • GUMBALL MACHINE REFILL: Our unwrapped bulk gumball assortments make refilling gumball machines as easy as opening the bag and pouring it in! Perfect for refilling candy bowls too!
  • RESALABLE STAND-UP BAG: Our sweet assortments are well packaged in premium quality, resealable stand up bags with a clear window, perfect to keep in your pantry for convenient snacking!
  • PEANUT AND GLUTEN FREE: Enjoy worry free snacking for you and your kids. Every piece of candy is peanut free, gluten free, and is made in a tree nut free facility!
  • BULK VALUE: Our candy assortments are packaged in bulk so we can share great value with our customers!

Details: Our Fresh Tart Grape Flavored Gumballs Will Have Your Mouth Bursting With Crisp, Juicy, Fresh Off The Vine Flavor. A Classic, Old School Gumball To Take You Back To Your Childhood. Candy Is Like Love And Very Best When Shared. Mom Teacher Student Child Adult Teen Girl Boy Man Woman Kid Boss Or Military, Assortit Care Packages Are Perfect Little Light Fun Colorful Minature Desk Treats Dish Jar Tubes. Host Parties Big Discounted Jumblo Huge Sale Miniature Wholesale King Size Bag On Gormet Cane Sugar Singles Minis. Take To Job Or Break Room Dispenser Mega Flavorful Colors Fresh Handpicked Ever Long Lasting Tiny Fruity Gifting Blowing Bubbl Ball Color Candies This Surprise Giving Gifts Everyday Snacking Refillable Duoble Pantry Bottle Container Magic Megamix Tub Celebrate Childs Birthday Basketball Mlb Wedding Favor Basball Pinata. Wide Range Hot Gourmet Flavor Like Doible Arctic Double Royal Stripe Yum Original Apple Belt Gum Tape Raspberry Flavour Ice Punch Fizzers Filled Tube Doubke Covered Lavender Grae Chew Strips Pink Colored Cany Regular Mint Hard Puple Glimmer Pearl Bubbles Doubl Navy Blue Duble Splash Lime Cand Canes Bubbly Burst Orange Taffy Surgar Peach Bits Spiral Purple Shimmer Fairytale Organic Jum Bols Bright Grap Shocker Seedling Green Sour Watermelon Graped Bubble Bite Pieces Black Fizz Cube Planet Blitz Cinnamon Pods Bibble Blast Lemon Cherry Rain Drops White Yellow Doubble Gold Lemonade, Mango Swirlin Peppermint Fubble Mini Gumdrop Ful Red Pink Quench Kimball. Send Natural Junior Chewing Bubb Paradise Larg Giftbaskets Case. Have Bouble Gumm Assortment Bucket Delivered Cheap Prime Delivery Express Shipping Individually School College Office Baseball Gumboil Soda Fountain Amazing Valentine Idea Small Medium Xmas Holiday Top Gluten Free Workplace Buble Snack Treat. Pound Piece Giant Kit Super Extra Large Soft Vintage Individual Wrapped Penny Gift Basket. Provide Biggest Real Bulk Shop Premium Saving Blowout Carton Cheep Wraped Celebration Food.

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EAN: 0808887104251

Item Condition: New

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