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Starburst Assorted Flavors Fresh Candy Bulk Wholesale Value Pack- 7.05 Pound (112.9 Ounce)

Starburst Assorted Flavors Fresh Candy Bulk Wholesale Value Pack- 7.05 Pound (112.9 Ounce)

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Brand: Assortit

Color: Orange


  • Assorted Flavors: Contains a variety of fruit chews in different flavors like strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, grape, kiwi, mango, passionfruit, pineapple, and more.
  • Fresh Candy: Made with real fruit juices and natural flavors for a burst of freshness in every chew.
  • Bulk Wholesale Value Pack: Contains 7.05 pounds of candy, which is equivalent to 112.9 ounces, making it a great value for resale or party favors.
  • Fun Halloween Treats: Perfect for Halloween parties, trick or treating, or as a fun snack for the spooky season.
  • Vibrant Colorful Candy: Comes in a fun box with bright orange, green, and pink colors that will add a pop of color to any party or event.

Details: For a limited time, buy the most loved fruity flavored candies on amazon with a big bulks packs of fun size starbust. Largest mix of mini rainbow wrappers mouth watreing candys with chewy red cherrie starbursts, sours oarnge starburts, pink strawberries starburt, and sour lemons star bursts. No buck berries, chocolate, purple friut punch, or tropic watermelon favereds frui cansy include in boxes. A favorite, simply must have sweet treats for those who enjoy airheads, juicy jelly beans, funsize skittles, smartie party pieces, laffy taffy berry, heat reds pops, dum dums, kit kat bar, snickers, life saver gummies, superfruit hard fruities, pixie sticks straws, blue skittle slushies, jellybeans, stardust sweets, nerds, tropical tootsie rolls lollipops, fruite flavor holloween chew burst, milky way, and jolly ranchers. All around cheap bunk individual cnady for baby baskets, birthday, wedding, pinata, hallowwen bags, patrys, pantry, bars, buffet, groceries, home and house, kosher kitchen, pinatas, advent, prime savers, ultimate treat supplies. Add as edition to bigs favorites basket, bull count gummie pack, hallowen factory decoration, unwrapped stocking stuffers, wholesales exyta fall fav packages and partys. Our huge hollween giant gummi pax share soft variety stars burts cherries, pick straw be, oranges, and yellow leman worldwide. Popular deals can subscribe to guant large lb oz gunny tright on sale whole worlds shipping. Lage gluten free color extra gummy picks sell wole world bul with under sodium not spicy national next gient candy.

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Item Condition: New

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