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Wholesale Assortment Tootsie Roll DOTS Fruit Chews Tootsie Pops Variety Mix 170-Ounce 415-Piece Bag

Wholesale Assortment Tootsie Roll DOTS Fruit Chews Tootsie Pops Variety Mix 170-Ounce 415-Piece Bag

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Brand: Assortit

Color: Multicolor


  • 10.6 POUNDS OF TOOTSIE ROLL CANDIES: Bulk Candy assortment of individually-wrapped candies includes Tootsie Rolls Juniors Snack Bars Mini-Dots Tootsie Pops and Tootsie Fruit Rolls
  • AN ICONIC FAVORITE: The perfect combination of Chocolate flavor with a Sweet fruit flavored undertone and a chewy almost taffy texture make this delicious treat an American Classic
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF FLAVOR: To Any Event, a Class Party, Birthdays or Bachelorette Parties, An Office Snack Jar, a Pinata, Party Bags, a Fundraiser, to Students, Trick Or Treater, Or Your Kids at College
  • USE FOR THE HOLIDAYS: A Piñata Filler, Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea, Halloween Trick or Treating, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter Egg Hunts
  • CREATED BY ASSORTIT: The same company with a Large Variety of Assorted Candy full size and fun size. We promise you Fresh Gourmet Gummy Chews, Chocolate, Sour Candy and Bubble Gum that's never stale and we Pack up and deliver these Treats at a Price that'll make you Smile

Details: This delightful Tootsie Roll assortment of six candies: Tootsie Roll Tooties Candy juniors, Tootsies pops, Tootsie Roll midgees, Tootsie flavor rolls, Tootsie Roll snack bars and Dots mini packs. Grab a few of your favorites or share with your family and friends! If you want Jumbo Deals at near Clearance prices with the Largest Sized Flavors of Favors both Individual and Bagged for any Carepackage or a Box of Snacks then check out the Huge Bundle of Sweets in our Store. Doesn't matter if you're a Kiddie or an Adult, you'll find any Popular Verity you're looking for, in both Loose and Packaged, Mixed with Miniture and Classic Size. We carefully pack our kits to make boxes that are full of value and savings. Save the time and money, with any of our Prime Assortit care packages.

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