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Arcor Sugar Free Hard Candy Disks 1lb

Arcor Sugar Free Hard Candy Disks 1lb

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Brand: Assortit


  • Sugar-free Peppermint Joy: Delight In The Cool, Refreshing Taste Of Peppermint Without The Sugar. A Perfect Treat For The Health-conscious. Our Carefully Formulated Peppermint Sugarfree contain Zero Sugar Making It Ideal For Those Managing Diabetes, Watching Their Weight, Or Simply Aiming To Reduce Sugar Intake. Enjoy The Luscious Flavors Without Sacrificing
  • 1lb Bag: Containing Approximately 60 Candies, This 1lb Bag Of Candy Is Perfect For Anyone Looking To Stock Up Or Share With Others While Enjoying A Healthy Candy Alternative To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.
  • Individually Wrapped Convenience: Each Piece Is Individually Wrapped To Ensure Maximum Freshness And Hygiene. Ideal For Snacking, Parties, And Office Treats.
  • Our Brand Quality: Known For Exceptional Taste And Premium Ingredients, Our Sugar-free and Low Calorie Peppermint Candies Promise An Unbeatable Flavor Experience.
  • Holiday Essentials: Make Your Celebrations Sweeter. These Candies Are Perfect For Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, And Other Major Holidays. Perfect For Individual Snacking Or Sharing With Family And Friends And Coworkers. Enjoy Snacking Without The Guilt.
  • Please Note: This Product Contains Sugar Substitute Ingredients Some Individuals May Experience Discomfort Upon Consumption. Always Enjoy In Moderation!
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