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Assortit Skittles Wild Berry & Original Favor Fun Size Packs Single Or Mixed Bulk Bags

Assortit Skittles Wild Berry & Original Favor Fun Size Packs Single Or Mixed Bulk Bags

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Brand: Assortit


  • TASTE THE RAINBOW: Includes 1 pound of funsize Wild Berry Skittles packs with flavors including Wild Cherry, Raspberry, Melon Berry, Berry Punch and Strawberry!
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each pack of candy is individually wrapped for maximum freshness and hygiene. A safe option for Halloween candy, Birthday piñatas, and candy bowls!
  • RESALABLE STAND-UP BAG: Our sweet assortments are well packaged in premium quality, resealable stand up bags with a clear window, perfect to keep in your pantry for convenient snacking!
  • PEANUT AND GLUTEN FREE: Enjoy worry free snacking for you and your kids. Every piece of candy is peanut free, gluten free, vegan, halal and kosher, and is made in a tree nut free facility!
  • BULK VALUE: Our candy assortments are packaged in bulk so we can share great value with our customers!

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