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Bulk Starburst & Tootsie Favorites 9.5 Lb Candy Variety Value Bundle Care Package 400+ Pcs (152 Oz)

Bulk Starburst & Tootsie Favorites 9.5 Lb Candy Variety Value Bundle Care Package 400+ Pcs (152 Oz)

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Brand: Assortit


  • GREAT VARIETY: Includes 17 varieties of candy including 4 flavors of classic Tootsie Pops, 5 flavors of Tootsie Roll Fruit Chews, Chocolate Tootsie Roll Midges, Long Rolls and Bars, 4 flavors of original Starburst, and mini boxes of Dots gumdrops!
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each piece of candy is individually wrapped for freshness and hygiene. A safe option for Halloween candy, Birthday piñatas, and candy bowls!
  • FRESHNESS GUARANTEED: Our sweet assortments are well packaged in premium quality, airtight plastic bags to ensure maximum freshness for your candy assortment.
  • PEANUT AND GLUTEN FREE: Enjoy worry free snacking for you and your kids. Every piece of candy is peanut free, gluten free, and is made in a tree nut free facility.
  • BULK VALUE: Our candy assortments are packaged in bulk so we can share great value with our customers. Since we do package in bulk, it is possible that some varieties of candy may not be present in even quantities.

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