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Original Skittles Green Lime Flavor Only Candies - 3lbs Bulk 1300+ Pcs Resealable Bag (48oz) - Unwrapped Loose

Original Skittles Green Lime Flavor Only Candies - 3lbs Bulk 1300+ Pcs Resealable Bag (48oz) - Unwrapped Loose

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Brand: Skittles

Color: Green


  • Authentic Green Lime Flavor Only: Dive Into The Irresistibly Sour And Sweet World Of Green Lime Skittles. Crafted To Perfection, Our Chewy Candies Promise To Deliver An Explosion Of Fruitiness With Every Bite. An Experience You Don't Want To Miss.
  • Vegetarian Friendly & Allergen Conscious: Worry Less About Dietary Restrictions With Our Vegetarian Friendly Green Lime Skittles. Gluten Free And Nut Free, We Take Special Care To Ensure Our Candies Can Be Enjoyed By As Many People As Possible.
  • Bulk Candy For Maximum Enjoyment: Never Run Out Of Your Favorite Candy Again! With Approximately 1350 Pieces Per Unit, Our 3lbs Bulk Bag Provides Incredible Value. Perfect For Goody Bags, Halloween Treats, Or Simply Snacking.
  • Ideal For Gifting: Looking For A Flavorful Gift? Our Green Lime Skittles Are High Quality Fresh Making Them An Ideal Choice For Gifts. The Large Quantity Also Means You Can Have Enough For Events, Making It A Win Win For Everyone.
  • Versatile Occasion Candy: From Halloween Christmas St Patricks, Our Green Lime Skittles Are The Go To Treat For Any Event. Their Vibrant Green Color Makes Them Perfect For Thematic Parties And Holiday Candy Bags.

Details: Indulge In The Unique Sourness Of Green Lime Skittles, A Chewy Fruit Candy That Is A Hit Among Both Kids And Adults. This Bulk Package Offers Approximately 1350 Pieces, Ensuring You Have Enough Treats To Go Around At Any Event. These Skittles Are Not Just Candies; They're An Experience. Perfect For Halloween Treat Bags, Valentine's Sweets, Or As Party Favors At Weddings, school, college Bridal Showers, And Baby Showers. Plus, They're A Colorful And Flavorful Addition To Any Candy Buffet Or Dessert Table. Made To Be Allergen Friendly, These Skittles Are Gluten Free And Nut Free, Ensuring A Safe Snacking Experience. Each Pack Contains A Burst Of Sour Lime Flavor, Wrapped In A Colorful Candy Shell, Offering A Balance Of Taste And Texture That Is Unparalleled. Whether You're Looking To Upgrade Your Snack Game During Movie Nights Or Finding The Perfect Gift For Candy Lovers, Green Lime Skittles Offer A Versatile And Flavorful Option. With Their High Quality Ingredients And Mouth Watering Flavor, These Skittles Redefine What It Means To Taste The Rainbow. So Why Wait? Add A Splash Of Color And A Burst Of Flavor To Your Life With Green Lime Skittles. Candy Bulk, Fruit Snacks, Your guests are sure to taste the rainbow while enjoying these fan-favorite candies. Add a splash of color to your candy buffet or goody bags with your chosen flavor of Skittles. This fruit-tastic treat is perfect for spreading on tables or displaying in a bowl for guests to snack on at weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries, birthday parties and so much more.

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