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Sugar Free Taffy Town Assortment 3lbs (48oz) Bulk Bag

Sugar Free Taffy Town Assortment 3lbs (48oz) Bulk Bag

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Brand: Assortit


  • Diverse Sugar Free Adventure: Embark On A Delightful Journey With 10 Flavors In Taffy Town's Assortment. This Array Includes Apple, Banana, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Huckleberry, Licorice, Orange, Strawberry, And Vanilla. Each Flavor Offers Its Own Unique And Tantalizing Taste Experience, Catering To A Wide Range Of Preferences.
  • Generous Offering: Enjoy A Substantial 3lbs Package Filled With Approximately 180 Individually Wrapped Pieces, Providing A Variety Of Options For Every Taffy Lover.
  • Sealed For Freshness: Every Piece Of Taffy, Across All Flavors, Is Meticulously Wrapped To Ensure That It Remains As Fresh, Clean, And Flavorful As When It Left The Candy Kitchen.
  • Taffy Town Assurance: A Testament To Over 100 Years Of Confectionery Craftsmanship, These Treats Are Made With Top Tier Ingredients And A Steadfast Commitment To Being Gluten Free And Nut Free. Our Candies, Using Sugar Substitutes Suitable For A Diabetic Diet, Are Crafted With Care. However, We Advise Customers To Monitor Their Blood Sugar Levels And Consume In Moderation, As This Product Contains MALTITOL Syrup. Some Individuals May Experience Discomfort Upon Consumption.
  • Celebrate The Sweet Way: This Assortment Isn't Just For Those With A Sweet Tooth; It's A Bold Treat For Any Festivity. Ideal For Halloween, Christmas, Easter Baskets, Or Valentine's Day Gifts, Each Flavor Adds Its Unique Kick To Your Celebrations.

Details: Discover The Delectable World Of Taffy Town's Sugar Free 10-flavor Assortment, A Gourmet Delight For Taffy Lovers. This 3lbs (48oz) Bulk Bag, Brimming With About 193 Pieces, Offers A Flavorful Journey Through Sugar Free Taffy Delights, Including Apple, Banana, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Huckleberry, Licorice, Orange, Strawberry, And Vanilla. Each Piece Is Nut Free, Gluten Free, And Individually Wrapped, Making It Perfect For Snacking, Sharing, And Celebrating Without Dietary Compromise. With Over A Century Of Confectionery Expertise, Taffy Town Ensures Each Chewy Bite Is Packed With Flavor, Suitable For A Diabetic Diet, And Adheres To The Highest Quality Standards. Please Note, This Product Contains MALTITOL Syrup And Is Best Enjoyed In Moderation To Avoid Discomfort. This Diverse Assortment Is Ideal For A Variety Of Occasions, From Sugar Free Halloween Candy To Festive Christmas Treats, Delightful Easter Basket Stuffers, Or Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts. It's Also A Great Choice For Those Seeking Laffy Taffy Bites, And Shameless Snacks That Are Diabetic Friendly. Dive Into This Bulk Candy Full Size Offering, A Perfect Solution For Low Sugar, Low Carb, And Keto Candy Needs. Embrace Taffy Town's Commitment To Excellence And Enjoy This Sugar Free, Guilt Free Indulgence, Available Now For All Health Conscious Candy Enthusiasts At Assortit!

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